The World E-Learning Organization WELO is registered in the United Kingdom with registration number 13671883. It does all its work online to support e-learning

Section One → Memberships for Establishments :

The World E-Learning Organization WELO allows educational facilities to obtain permanent or annual membership in exchange for submitting an application that contains a curriculum vitae with a list of academics and the curricula that are offered, And payment of the prescribed fees (does not include the approval of the issued certificates) only membership of the facility.

Annual membership $3,500 USD.

permanent membership: $18,000 USD

Section Two → Memberships for Individuals :

Paid Membership

The World E-Learning Organization allows all those interested in the field to apply for permanent membership in exchange for data registration and submission and payment of the prescribed fees of 1250 US dollars or its equivalent.

Partnership membership

It is also possible to obtain an annual membership in return for services rendered to the organization. From writing articles written according to specific requirements, visual or audio materials, And provide research on e-learning.

Honorary Membership

It is granted to specialists in the educational field according to certain conditions and evaluation (such as holders of positions in official bodies – distinguished and distinguished people in the educational field).

Only for teachers and coaches Get a free teacher membership for a limited time

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Credits → The following credits are awarded :