World E-learning Organization

Providing E-learning

We provide all educational and training courses and tracks on demand for private or government agencies in all disciplines, including short training courses and specialized educational tracks, E-Diploma degree, Bachelor's degree Electronically, Electronic master's degree, Electronic doctorate, Which is completely online without the need to attend the headquarters and is characterized by being short in the modern E-learning system

Educational services and consultancy

Provided to all government and private establishments through an annual contract, on demand, or building long strategic partnerships


Everyone can obtain memberships for the organization, whether for entities or individuals, according to the prescribed requirements and fees

Preparing curricula and approving certificates

Through our consultants, we build educational curricula and training packages or review and approve them and approve professional certificates and electronic exams For all educational levels

Research, studies and conferences

Because we believe that the future is for modern e-learning, we provide studies, research and management of e-learning conferences for all supporting bodies Support us

Accreditation of educational platforms

Building, supporting, approving and supervising electronic educational platforms for all government, private and virtual agencies

strategic partnerships

Building strategic relationships with all parties that support the organization and sponsor its activities Support us