World E-learning Organization

World E-learning Organization​

Foundation and starting point:

Foundation and Starting Point: In light of the rapidly changing world and the continuous advancements in events and developments, there has been a noticeable gap in teaching methods. Recognizing that modern e-learning holds the key to the future, our organization was established in 2012. Since then, we have worked diligently to create a comprehensive platform that brings together educators, experts, and enthusiasts. In 2021, we renewed our commitment by establishing a dedicated website and expanding our community. Our organization aims to become the foremost global authority in education by facilitating regular meetings for experienced and competent individuals. We strive to set the highest standards in education, monitor its systems, and establish globally applicable regulations. Through collaborative efforts, we aim to determine effective methods, alternatives, and suitable legislation that align with the best practices in e-learning.

World E-Learning Organization

The World E-Learning Organization is an international organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of higher education and educational service providers globally. Focusing on higher education institutions, high schools, colleges, and research organizations, the organization strives to provide advanced and stimulating online learning environments. WELO is committed to promoting academic excellence, encouraging innovation, and facilitating global communication between educational institutions under the slogan: Education is a right for everyone, everywhere, without discrimination, and to achieve equality, justice, and sustainable development.


Our vision is to catalyze a global transformation in higher education and e-learning by supporting higher education institutions and educational service providers worldwide. We aim to enhance quality, promote innovation, and encourage cultural exchange in education.


To be the world's leading organization in monitoring, improving quality, and accrediting educational institutions and e-learning institutions in all educational institutions


  • Quality Enhancement: Support higher education institutions and educational service providers in improving the quality of online education and training.
  • Innovation and Development: Encourage innovation and development in higher education curricula and e-learning technologies.
  • Global Engagement: Foster interaction and knowledge exchange among higher education institutions and students across international borders.
  • Support for Service Providers: Provide guidance and support to educational service providers to improve their efficiency and the quality of their services.

Core Values

  1. Excellence and Quality: We are committed to achieving academic excellence and raising the standard of quality in higher education and online educational services.
  2. Sustainability: We believe in building a sustainable global education system that leverages technological innovation and contributes to sustainable development.
  3. Partnership and Collaboration: We encourage sustained collaboration between higher education institutions and educational service providers to achieve common goals and support global educational development.



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