World e-learning organization (WELO)

The World e-learning organization is offering you the opportunity to discover and take advantage of modern e-learning resources, approaches and services to apply the quality of learning in educational platforms and monitor them. You can also find information about the latest ideas and techniques in e-learning, access to numerous resources to choose from , organizations that have similar missions, ideas for creating a website or blog of your own for organizations who wish to share with other like-minded people in the area of e-learning .

World E-learning Organization

The World e-learning Organization (WELO) is an NGO based in U.K and active in about 50 countries around the world. It develops, distributes and publishes online educational and searchable best practices for quality learning in e-learning platforms. It also monitors their usage, access to the latest ideas and techniques in e-learning. Its guidelines are targeted at users of ICT in education and learners, teachers, administrators and other professionals working with young people.

World E-learning Organization is a community of e-learning professionals and enthusiasts from all over the globe, which intends to find the best practices in quality of learning and share them. Moreover, it enables its members to improve their professional career, search for collaboration opportunities and receive the latest ideas and techniques in e-learning.

The E-learning World Organization provides a platform for e-learning professionals and enthusiasts. Our members can collaborate to share the best practices in learning, improve their careers and explore new ideas and techniques.

World E-learning Organization is the world’s largest community of e-learning professionals, with over 5 million active members. Come join us and change the face of e-learning forever.

The World E-learning Organization welcomes you to our community of e-learning professionals seeking collaboration and inspiration.

World E-learning Organization is a community united by passion for learning. We’re on a mission to create a better future through learning. We equip our members with the process skills, tools, and innovation mindset they’ll need to thrive in a connected world. Moreover, we believe that you should be able to connect the dots between learning and the real world.

WELO is a community of e-learning professionals who practice, share and discover all things L&D. It’s a place to learn, grow your network, and gain skills and techniques to help you succeed in your career.

WELO is a community of professionals who are passionate about e-learning. WELO members can exchange ideas, improve their e-learning skills and challenge industry leaders to improve the quality of learning.

Learn with us, improve your e-learning knowledge and skills, grow your network and collaborate with peers from across the globe.

Are you a learning professional? Or do you want to improve your expertise in learning? Don’t miss out! WE LOVE connects people with a passion for learning from all over the world. You can search for new ideas and get tips from other members.

Join the World e-Learning Organization now, to get your free e-learning training. Learn the best ideas and techniques from experts to improve the quality of learning in your platform. You can monitor your e-learning and make sure it’s always high quality, and access expert advice on how to build critical skills for your workforce.

Welcome to World e-learning organization, we are using the membership option as a tool to collect fees and find best practices for use in future E-learning platforms. This year’s theme is quality of learning, if you attended this session you must be more focused on your skills for advancement in search of learning.

The World E-learning Organization is a modern repository of ideas and applications for Best Practices in e-learning acquired from experts around the world.

If you are looking for the best practices in e-learning and seek information in this field or to begin your project, join our e-library. We welcome your ideas and suggestions about what the WELO could contribute to ensure quality and accessibility, not only of this service but also of all others under our responsibility.

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Start learning to help students and teachers, collect quality info and get expertise in instructional design and e-learning technologies is the motto of this site. There you will find your place, have fun and get all the benefits out of it.

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